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Eastern Spice: Geelong's Finest Indian Restaurant, Crafted by the Curry Queen Manpreet Sekhon

Welcome to Eastern Spice, Geelong's ultimate destination for authentic Indian cuisine right in the heart of Geelong, brought to life by the culinary genius of the renowned Curry Queen, Manpreet Sekhon. Situated in the heart of Geelong, our restaurant is a testament to Manpreet's passion, vision, and years of experience in creating the most exquisite Indian dishes you'll ever taste.

Manpreet's culinary journey began with her mother, who introduced her to the intricacies of Indian cuisine. As she honed her skills, Manpreet had the privilege of working alongside talented chefs at the esteemed Park Plaza five-star Hotel Punjab.Manpreet's extraordinary culinary creations caught the attention of industry legends such as Jiggs Kalra, the "Czar of Indian Cuisine," and Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, a globally renowned Indian chef and entrepreneur. Their recognition is a testament to the exceptional talent and creativity that Manpreet brings to the world of Indian cuisine.

Driven by her love for fine cuisine and a deep desire to see happy customers, Manpreet fulfilled her dream of opening Eastern Spice, Geelong's premier Indian restaurant. Located at the Eastern Beach Geelong, Victoria, Eastern Spice not only serves the most exquisite Indian dishes but also offers breathtaking waterfront views. Over the years, Eastern Spice has garnered numerous prestigious awards and accolades, including the Australian Good Food & Travel Guide's Readers' Choice award and the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for five consecutive years.

At Eastern Spice, we offer a casual space that combines authentic Indian flavors with a relaxed ambiance. Our evolving menu showcases fresh ingredients and innovative culinary creations inspired by the rich traditions of Indian cuisine. Each dish is prepared with care, ensuring an unparalleled dining experience that captures the essence of Indian gastronomy. Join us for a delightful journey of flavors in our warm and inviting setting at Eastern Spice.

To complement your Indian culinary journey, we offer an extensive selection of craft beers, imported wines, and whiskeys. These delightful beverage choices are carefully curated to perfectly complement the vibrant flavors and rich traditions of Indian cuisine. Allow us, under the guidance of the Curry Queen herself, to take you on a gastronomic adventure that celebrates the artistry of Indian food and the harmonious pairing of flavors and beverages. Indulge in this extraordinary experience as we create memorable moments together at Eastern Spice.

Indulge in the warmth and hospitality of Eastern Spice, Geelong's foremost authentic Indian restaurant. Experience the artistry and passion of Manpreet Sekhon as she creates dishes that will transport you to the heart of India. Join us for an unforgettable dining experience that will leave you craving more and dreaming of returning to Eastern Spice, the culinary masterpiece crafted by the Curry Queen.

We eagerly await the opportunity to share a meal with you, where flavors come alive, traditions are celebrated, and culinary excellence takes center stage.

We eagerly await the opportunity to share a meal with you, Manpreet Sekhon, and infuse it with the true essence of India.

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