Eastern Spice,

Not your typical Indian joint !

Geelong’s finest in Indian cuisine ;Eastern Spice is the home for best curries in Geelong and has been Voted No.1 in Geelong foodie poll . Eastern Spice showcases the finest in Indian cuisine, complimented by an exceptional dining experience built on careful attention to every aspect of service, food, atmosphere and wine selection. Eastern Spice is a place of gathering, a place of celebration, a place for business and a place for pleasure.


Eastern Spice, on Bellerine Street, just a stone’s throw from Eastern Beach has built up a strong following of food lovers. Truly, we believe that cooking is the way of touching every diner’s heart. Every dish portrays the culture and variety that India shadows in vivid places across the globe. As the saying goes “The heart does things for reason, that reason cannot understand” likewise our food makes every customer happy and satisfied.

At Eastern Spice our menu is seasonal and based upon the highest quality ingredients that we source from local producers.

Owner & Head Chef Manpreet Sekhon is not only passionate about the quality of her food, but the sustainability of produce and farmers in the local Geelong region.